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Rustler, a medieval take on old-school action sandbox games, is riding to PS4 and PS5 later this year. At Modus Games, we’re excited to share an incredible, historically inaccurate world filled with pop culture references, insane humor, and medieval shenanigans that developer Jutsu Games has crafted.


In Rustler, you’ll play as Guy, a tough-as-nails peasant whose parents were apparently too lazy to give him a proper name. After a typical night of drinking, Guy awakens in a dazed and confused stupor — and this is where his adventures begin. As Guy, you’ll take on absurd quests to steal horses, terrorize townsfolk in disguise, and brawl with the local law enforcing knights. He’ll do whatever it takes to improve his social standing in the world and the coin that comes with it. Your ultimate goal is to win the Grand Tournament and subsequently the princess’s hand. However, to achieve this, you’ll have to scheme your way into the tournament with the help of your trusted buddy, aptly named, Buddy.


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