Our policy lasts 30 days. If it has been 15 days since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund or exchange.

Gamer Mission Refunds

You can request a refund for almost any purchase at Gamer Mission, for any reason. Maybe your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements; maybe you bought a game by mistake; maybe you played the title for an hour and just didn’t like it.

It doesn’t matter. Gamer Mission will issue, upon request via, a refund for any reason, if the request is made within the required return period and, in the case of games, if the title has been played for less than two hours. There are more details below, but even if you do not comply with the refund rules we have described, you can still request a refund and we will take a look at it.

You will be given a full refund of your purchase within one week of approval. You will receive the refund in Gamer Mission funds or through the same payment method you used to make the purchase. If, for any reason, Gamer Mission is unable to issue a refund through your initial payment method, Gamer Mission will credit you the full amount. (Some payment methods available through Gamer Mission in your country may not support the return of a purchase to the original payment method. 

Where do refunds apply? 

The Gamer Mission rebate offer, within 15 days of purchase and with less than two hours play time, applies to Gamer Mission store games and software applications. Here is an overview of how rebates work with other types of purchases.

Refunds for downloadable content 

 (Gamer Mission Content usable within another game or software application, “DLC”)

The DLC purchased at the Gamer Mission store is refundable within fifteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, provided the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Gamer Mission will not be able to provide refunds for any content downloaded from third parties (for example, if downloaded content irreversibly levels a character in the game). These exceptions will be clearly marked as non-refundable on the store page prior to purchase.  

Refunds on In-Game Purchases

Gamer Mission will offer a refund for in-game purchases within any game developed by Gamer Mission within forty-eight hours of purchase, provided the in-game item has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Third party developers will have the option to allow the refund of in-game items on these terms. Gamer Mission will inform you at the time of purchase if the game developer has chosen to offer refunds for the game item you are purchasing. Otherwise, in-game purchases on non-Gamer Mission games are not refundable through Gamer Mission.  

Refunds for pre-purchased games

When you purchase a title at Gamer Mission (and have paid for the title in advance), you can request a refund at any time prior to the release of that title. The standard 15 day/two hour refund period also applies, starting from the game release date. 

Gamer Mission Refunds

You may request a refund of Gamer Mission funds within fifteen days of purchase if they were purchased at Gamer Mission and you have not used any of those funds. 

Gamer Mission Hardware

Within the applicable time frame identified in the Hardware Refund Policy, you may request a refund for Gamer Mission hardware and accessories purchased through Gamer Mission for any reason. You must send the hardware back to us within fifteen (15) days of requesting a refund, following the instructions we provide. Please refer to Hardware Refund Policy for detailed instructions on the return and cancellation process for Gamer Mission hardware and accessories.

Package Refunds

You can receive a full refund for any package purchased at the Gamer Mission Store, as long as none of the items in the package have been transferred, and if the combined usage time of all the items in the package is less than two hours. If a package includes a game item or a DLC that is not refundable, Gamer Mission will tell you if the entire package is refundable during checkout. 

Purchases made outside Gamer Mission

Gamer Mission cannot offer refunds for purchases made outside Gamer Mission (e.g. CD keys or Gamer Mission wallet cards purchased from third parties).

Gamer Mission Prohibitions

If you have been banned by Gamer Mission’s anti-cheating system from a game, you lose the right to refund that game.

Video Content

We cannot offer refunds for video content at Gamer Mission, unless the video is in a package with other (non-video) content that is refundable. 

Gift Refunds

Unredeemed gifts can be refunded within the standard 15 day/two hour refund period. Redeemed gifts can be refunded under the same conditions if the recipient of the gift initiates the refund. The funds used to purchase the gift will be returned to the original purchaser.


Rebates are designed to eliminate the risk of purchasing titles at Gamer Mission, not as a way to get free games. If we feel that you are abusing the refunds, we may stop offering them. We do not consider it abuse to request a refund for a title that was purchased just prior to a sale  

How to apply for a refund

You can request a refund or get other help with your Gamer Mission purchases at, or visit our facilities:

Address: Ciudad de México.

Phone: +1-888-332-9581

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