The Outer Worlds

USD $60.99

Fallout fans have long been vocally unhappy with the turns the franchise has taken. Fallout 4 failed to please a large sub-section of the community, and Fallout 76 caused something akin to an internet riot.


After years without a satisfying Fallout game, Obsidian Entertainment is swooping in to the rescue. The Outer Worlds isn’t technically a Fallout game, but if you squint a little bit you could be forgiven for assuming it is. Obsidian’s latest title delivers a burst of sweet nostalgia and an exciting new game world, all at the same time.

The Outer Worlds is a fantastic game; and, by all appearances, it was constructed specifically for Fallout fans and those who enjoyed Obsidian’s own Fallout: New Vegas. For all those that have been disappointed by the Fallout series and recent attempts at first-person RPG’s Obsidian has a present for you, and it is one of the best games of the year.


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